The Firm

Wohabe Law Offices was established in 1971 to serve clients in the Arab Gulf States and in the United States. Since that time, WLO has represented private and public sector clients from the Gulf States with respect to their diverse domestic and international matters and activities, and American and other clients with respect to their business interests in the Gulf States.

The firm serves as a bridge between the United States and the Gulf countries (namely, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), frequently consulted on matters requiring a professional understanding of the laws and business practices of both regions.  The firm’s work is increasingly global, encompassing matters in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

All of our attorneys graduated from top-ranked law schools and were associated with prestigious international law firms before joining WLO, where they acquired first-hand experience in representing and advising clients who demand the highest quality work product.  Our attorneys have been in active practice for periods ranging from 20 years to over 30 years and have established expertise and experience in their fields of practice (see ‘Attorneys‘).

Our practice has evolved to meet the varied and changing needs of our clientele, from the routine to the complex and across a broad spectrum of practice areas (see ‘Major Practice Areas‘).  In general, WLO handles most assignments exclusively through internal resources and tailors the staffing of matters (in terms of number of attorneys, their seniority and/or specialties) to fit the particular requirements and circumstances.  By maintaining staffing at optimum levels, the firm is able to handle matters efficiently and economically.

In cases where additional or specialized resources are called for, WLO offers flexibility by being able to team up with selected outside counsel best suited to a client’s particular requirements and circumstances in each instance and avoid potential conflicts of interest.  The firm has developed a network of correspondent counsel and other professionals, in major cities throughout the United States and abroad, with whom the firm cooperates closely.

The firm’s mission is to combine the highest standards of advocacy, professionalism, sophistication and work product with responsiveness, practicality and efficiency to develop long-term client relationships and become the premiere firm practicing in this specialized market.

Administrative and Technological Support

The firm’s attorneys are supported by a multilingual administrative, paralegal and secretarial staff, all functioning within an environment employing updated technology designed to facilitate and expedite quality work product to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Billing Information

In general, the firm handles assignments on the basis of time and effort in accordance with its prevailing schedule of hourly rates, which we would be pleased to provide on request.  In an effort to accommodate clients’ particular requirements, the firm is also prepared to accept assignments on a more customized basis, including fixed fee retainers for clients with longer term needs.


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